Wir rufen auf zur Demonstration am Samstag, den 30.03.2024!

BDS Berlin rief zusammen mit PA Allies, Jüdische Stimme, Palästina Spricht und Revolutionäre Linke zur Demonstration am Tag des Bodens auf.

Occupation is a Crime – Take your hands off Palestine!

In 1976 the occupier disowned Palestinians of thousands of hectares of their rightful property of lands and houses. The illegal settlements startet to spread throughout the Palestinian ,48 lands. On March 30th 1976 Palestinians protested the illegal expropriation, which was was the first political uprising since the Nakba. It resulted in the killing of six Palestinians and hundreds of injured and incarcerated protestors. Every year protests take place in Palestine and all over the world reminding us how deeply rooted Palestinians are to their land. Join us in the fight for justice and liberation.✊🏽