Kultureller Boykott

The Cultural BDS Checklist

Updated every day, it’s the latest in cultural BDS actions! There’s a lot to do, but each step takes a minute, so please spare about 10 minutes of your time and add your voice to these wonderful initiatives.

  1. Tell the Harlem Globetrotters that a gig for apartheid Israel wasn’t OK the first time and isn’t OK now! On their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HarlemGlobetrotters and tweet to @Globies
  2. Send an email to NBC to cease and desist rebranding of Israel’s illegal excavations in occupied Jerusalem http://goo.gl/MWVXVd (click “Select this recipient” at the bottom and fill out the form)
  3. Tell Neil Young to respect Palestinian indigenous rights by signing these petitions http://bit.ly/1bUrdYd , http://goo.gl/t85dT9 , LIKING the Neil Young, Tell Me Why You Would Play for Apartheid Israel page at http://goo.gl/nQXkq5
  4. Contact Scarlett Johannson directly through her representatives and call on her to drop Soda Stream http://bit.ly/1fb4zh1
  5. Sign the PACBI petition to The Rolling Stones at http://goo.gl/DVXD6j
  6. Sign the petitions to expel Israel from FIFA World Cup and UEFA EURO http://goo.gl/XzDahW , http://goo.gl/z5qka8 and http://goo.gl/WLjkI0
  7. Tell Justin Timberlake to cancel his concert in apartheid Israel http://chn.ge/1hDE3hN
  8. Tell Justin Bieber that a second gig in Israel is unacceptable http://chn.ge/1erKCR1
  9. Tell Lady Gaga that a third gig in apartheid is appalling http://chn.ge/1aC22Pw
  10. Tell the PIXIES: Hey Pixies, Apartheid Israel is a Debaser of Palestinian Rights by LIKING this page http://goo.gl/6XZcnN
  11. Tell The Prodigy to Stand up to Israel’s Apartheid by LIKING the page http://goo.gl/mSMCep you can also let them know your thoughts directly on the comment section of their official facebook concert announcement http://goo.gl/3w3UAY
  12. Get the Byron Writers Festival to honour BDS http://goo.gl/YsFYAY
  13. Tell Natacha Atlas that “dialogue” can’t be done at the barrel of a gun at http://goo.gl/zeKFDM
  14. Tell Mariana Pajon a protector of children’s rights is not compatible with G4S http://goo.gl/TqfZPV
  15. Tell Nikki Yanofsky to support equal rights by cancelling her gig for the discriminatory Jewish National Fund (JNF) http://goo.gl/7ZfjTX
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